• Euroservices participates in logistic chain to test ethane as engine fuel.
  • 11 August 2015

On 29/02/2015 a liquefied ethylene carrier called Euroservices Terminal for discharging 60 mt of ethane into 3 cryogenic tank containers.


After discharging a cargo of ethane in Rafnes, the vessel arrived in Zeebrugge with a heel of 60 mt. 3 cryogenic tank containers under nitrogen atmosphere were presented on arrival of the vessel. First, the containers were gassed-up with ethane vapours coming from the vessel. Secondly, the remaining heel of 60 mt was discharged into the containers, ready for transportation to Wärtsilä test facilities abroad.


The market leading Wärtsilä 50DF marine engine was successfully tested and certified to run on ethane (LEG) fuel. According to Wärtsilä, the breakthrough enables engine owners to meet the IMO Tier III regulations without need of secondary emissions cleaning using either LNG or LEG as fuel. The engines can switch between LNG, LEG, liquid fuel oil and heavy fuel oil with uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, the ability to burn ethane boil-off gas as engine fuel significantly reduces the need for gas re-liquefaction during the voyage, meaning that less power is needed for the cargo handling.


After testing, the cryogenic tank containers returned back to our facility in Zeebrugge for purging last cargo vapours ethane in order to bring them under nitrogen atmosphere for redilivery.


Stefaan Hoppe:" We are very proud to be part of this extensive and succesful testing program. It was well prepared in advance in collaboration with Wärtsilä - global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets - and Evergas - world renowned owner and operator of seaborne petrochemical and liquid gas transport vessels. Our company played an important role in the logistic chain. Our terminal in Zeebrugge is perfectly equipped to handle such exceptional and non-everyday operations."