• Syn Antares calls Euroservices Terminal for gas trials
  • 29 May 2014

On 26/05/2014 LPG/C Syn Antares arrived in Zeebrugge after her maiden trip leaving Gdańsk Shipyard. “Stocznia Gdańskа” is a large Polish shipyard, located in the city of Gdańsk. The yard gained international fame when Solidarity (Solidarność) was founded there in September 1980. It is situated on the left side of Martwa Wisła and on Ostrów Island.

In Zeebrugge a parcel of 66 mt of propane was delivered via three road trucks in order to gas up cargo tanks and cool down.

It took 27 mt tons of propane to gas up the 2 cargo tanks with total capacity of 9033 cbm. This operation took 13 hours. A truck with liquid propane was hooked up to our shore vaporizer in order to deliver warm propane gas to the cargo tanks of the vessel. Cargo tanks were connected with our shore flare to return inert gas and later on a mixture of inert gas/propane until the tanks were completely under gas.

The remaining coolant was discharged directly in liquid into the cargo tanks in order to start cooling down for gas trials.  It took the vessel 42 hrs to reach the requested temperature in order to receive fitness certificate from the classification company.

LPG/C Syn Antares is owned by Synergas srl