• 1973 Euroservices

    Vinyl Chloride Monomer


    Euroservices was founded in 1973. The initiative to establish a company specialized in purging LPG-vessels was stimulated by the frequent demands of shipping companies to provide nitrogen to their vessels in order to inert cargo tanks.

    In the early 70s a busy traffic started in VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer) at Zeebrugge Port. A company called Conoco Chemicals was the first to import this product in Europe from the States by sea going vessels. VCM is basic raw material to fabricate PVC. As a result, VCM was stored in the port of Zeebrugge and smaller ships called the port of Zeebrugge to reload this product in order to distribute to other European Ports. As VCM is a very pure product, it was necessary to bring the cargo tanks of these smaller vessels under nitrogen atmosphere in order to avoid contamination with other last cargo content from previous cargoes. A modest infrastructure to vaporize liquid nitrogen (N2) at -196°C till atmospheric  temperature was set up at Conoco Chemicals at Prins Filip Dock in the inner harbour of Zeebrugge.

  • 1974 LPG-carriers

    Willy Hoppe

    Unique in the North Sea

    After a while our company caught the attention of shipping companies whose vessels were not discharging or loading cargo in Zeebrugge. Apparently there was a huge demand for a terminal where cargo tanks of LPG-carriers could be inerted in order to change cargo grade.

    As a result Willy Hoppe was appointed as commercial and operational Manager. Soon, it became quite obvious to him that our facilities in the inner port of Zeebrugge were too restricted with regards to the nautical accessibility. Therefore a new location was found in the outer port of Zeebrugge at the mole as from summer 1974. 

    The location in Zeebrugge was well chosen; an easy access from the open sea and situated in the center of a busy petrochemical traffic. 

    During the following years orders came, tasks became more diverse and new specialized installations were bought. Gradually Euroservices gathered more and more experience in this field, and became unique at the North Sea for purging and conditioning of gas carriers.

  • 2004 Hoppe Ship Agencies

    Assist Belgium

    In October 2004 Hoppe Ship Agencies was founded. It was clear that there was a need in Zeebrugge for an agent specialized in gas in order to cope with the technical complex operations of gas carriers. Shortly the agency became active in all fields of the shipping business such as LPG, LNG, bunkering, RORO, containers, off shore,… 

    In 2005 Stefaan Hoppe took over the management from his father Willy Hoppe.

    Assist Belgium was founded in 2008 and is providing logistic solutions such as forwarding, transportation and customs activities.

  • 2013 40 Years Euroservices

    Hoppe Maritime Group

    On Friday 25th October 2013 our company organized various festivities on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Euroservices.

    The celebration was also an occasion to present our new company structure: the Hoppe Maritime Group. Our group will cover Euroservices, Hoppe Ship Agencies and Assist Belgium.